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Account Activation Questions

While setting up your account there are some easy-to-solve issues that prevent you from sending your first campaigns.

Don’t worry! The resolution is simple and fast to implement. Please check for the resolution connected to the error message you have seen before connecting with the support team.

Domain & DKIM Verification

Once you have received the DNS records to authenticate your sending domain, it is very important that they are correctly placed in your DNS provider.

Here the related documentation and tutorials in case you missed them.

Here the simple commands to directly check your DNS records propagation status via terminal.

  • Some DNS provider may append extra text when saving a new entry. When you save, make sure that the Name and the Value match exactly those that you received via email.
  • Once all the proper records have been added to your DNS provider, it will take some time for them to propagate and reach Amazon SES. this is usually very fast but based on the performance of the DNS provider it can take up to some hours.
  • Once the DNS records have propagated, you will receive a success email from Pepo Campaigns system. The system runs an update every 30 minutes to add new verify accounts. Please keep this into account.

Important: in several cases, the issue with this step is that your Amazon SES account tries to verify the Domain and DKIM for 3 days after the creation of the DNS records. If you have not immediately proceeded with the verification process please access you Amazon SES account and check in the Domain Section accessible from the left menu and click on the domain name. If the verification has status failed, simply trigger the retry functionality for both the Domain and the DKIM to quickly get the verification notification.

SES Sending Limit Increase

Your Amazon SES account has to be taken out of sandbox mode in order to start sending.
Access your AWS account and follow these simple instructions to submit a ticket to increase your daily quota and send rate in 2 minutes.

The SES Team will review your case and grant the increase as soon as possible. They are based on the West Coast in the United States, so you can expect a reply during their business hours.

Important: in 99% of the cases the issue with this step is increasing the limit for a region different from the Ireland one. Pepo Campaigns operate in the Ireland region in order to provide you with the best data protection standard. When you access your Amazon AWS account the default region is often North Virginia. For this reason is simple to be confused. Even if you are sure of the region you have submitted your ticket for, please double check.

Pepo Campaigns updates your SES limits for daily send and send rate every thirty minutes. For this reason, as you receive the confirmation email from Amazon SES, the change may not be reflected immediately in your Pepo Campaigns account.

SES Subscription Activation

In some cases, the Simple Email Service – SES – in your Amazon AWS requires a simple action to start working. If you have visualized this error message, access your Amazon AWS account and go to the SES service section.

Here with a single click on the dashboard, you will be able to activate the subscription to the service and solve the issue.

Other Cases

If none of the cases above matches your situation, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@pepocampaigns.com.

Updated on April 27, 2017

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