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How to Authenticate

1.  DNS Verification And Why Is Important

To use Pepo Campaigns, it is required to add the records for your domain authentication in your DNS provider in order to start sending.

Domain Verification, SPF (Sender Policy Framework), and DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) verification allow the receiving email servers – e.g. Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, etc. – to validate your sender’s server identity to ensure high deliverability.

Please read this article about the different verification types.

To proceed you need access to your DNS Provider account. If you currently do not have access, please get in touch with your webmaster to obtain the credentials and the proper support.

You can find here the video tutorials that cover the most widely used DNS Providers.

2. Collect The  DNS Records For Your Domain

You have input your desired email sender domain in the setup step while signing up.

A) For Standard Plans, if you need to update the domain, it is possible only before the verification of the domain. Click on the Domain Section of the Settings to obtain your DNS records. Choose Edit and input in the top section your new domain and submit your verification request.

The Pepo Campaigns Team completes the checks on your account identity, checking the website connected to your domain to exclude spammers and based on the workload capacity, you will receive as soon as possible the DNS records via email in the form of a CSV file.

DNS Verification

B) For Amazon SES Connect Plans, you can input a different domain before running the setup to integrate your Amazon AWS SES account with Pepo Campaigns.

As soon as the setup is successful, you will automatically receive the DNS records via email in the form of a CSV file.

Check your inbox and at its different folders to make sure you don’t miss the email above.

Example file:CSV example

The file consists of different records consisting of 3 elements: Record Name, Record Type, and Record Value.

3. Add The Records In The DNS Provider

Your DNS provider shall have a process to add DNS records similar to the one outlined here below:

  1. Navigate to your provider’s DNS entry management page;
  2. Enter and save the different records received via email in the CSV file;
  3. The propagation process that will enable the authentication can take from few hours up to 24 hours in most of the cases, depending on the propagation speed of your DNS provider.

Below, an example of a DNS record entry module for the provider GoDaddy.com:GoDaddy picType: Corresponds to column “Record Type” in .csv file (TXT and CNAME in our case)

Host: Corresponds to column “Record Name” in .csv file

Value: Corresponds to column “Record Value” in .csv file

Please set up all the different entries one by one and then save the settings once the overall process is completed. Pepo Campaigns recommend to copy and paste the values as-is, including any underscores.

Please note that each DNS provider (e.g. GoDaddy, Dreamhost, Google Domains, etc.) has a slightly different naming convention for type, host, and value, but it should be straightforward to identify the correct ones. If you are unsure, please contact your DNS provider directly for clarification.

When you save a new DNS entry, please make sure that your provider is not appending extra parts to it. Some DNS providers automatically append the domain name at the end of the entry value and name, causing the verification not to take place. You can easily edit the entries in order to fix them, when needed.

4. Popular DNS Providers Guides

Below are instructions for some of the most popular DNS services:

1&1: Add or Remove TXT Records

A Small Orange: DNS

Bluehost: Modify a DNS record

Cloudflare: SPF, DKIM

Dreamhost: SPF, DKIM

GoDaddy: Add DNS Records

Google Domains: DNS Basic

Hostgator: Manage DNS records

HostMonster: Modify your DNS records

Hover: Edit DNS Record

Namecheap: SPF & DKIM

Network Solutions: Edit DNS Record

Squarespace: Advanced DNS Settings

If you have any questions regarding your DNS host, please contact our support directly at support@pepocampaigns.com .

Updated on February 23, 2017

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