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Increase Amazon SES Send Rate and Daily Quota

The easy process below shows how to take Amazon SES out of sandbox for new Amazon AWS accounts.

The same process shall be followed anytime you need to increase the send rate and daily quota.

1. Go to SES >> Sending Statistics >> Request Increased Sending Limits

2. Create a Case. In ‘Regarding’ select Service Limit Increase and in ‘Limit  Type’ select SES Sending Limits.



3. In ‘Request 1’ select EU(Ireland) as ‘Region’ and Desired Daily Sending Quota as ‘Limit’ or Desired Maximum Send Rate based on your need.

When taking the account out of sandbox, it will be necessary to file two different requests for both Limit increases. An account in sandbox has a send rate of 1 and a daily quota of 200.

4.In ‘Mail Type’ field select Subscription. In the ‘Website’ field provide your website URL for Amazon SES team reference.

For all the remaining fields select YES and in the ‘Use Case Description’ indicate in a couple of lines the reason of your sending:

  • what is your business about;
  • how do your contacts subscribe to your emails;
  • what is your recipients base size at the moment.

For ‘Contact Method’ select Web and then Submit your request.

This completes the process of increasing your SES sending limits. You can also refer to this link for any doubts.

In case you have any issues connecting your Pepo Campaigns Account with Amazon SES, you can contact us at support@pepocampaigns.com.

Updated on March 6, 2017

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