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Custom Tracking Domain

All your email click-tracked links can be white labeled to come directly from your own domain in Pepo Campaigns, further enhancing the deliverability of your emails.

This applies not just to the normal links, but also to the unsubscribe ones and even to the images stored in your Pepo Campaigns Library.

The deliverability is higher because there is a match between click-tracking and sending domain as both are verified and managed by the same entity.
When the reputation of the root domain is high, this will then have a virtuous and synergic effect when the whitelisting of the click tracking applies.
The servers of the recipients’ email clients and spam filters will in this way mark as secure your message and deliver it.

We can say white-labelling has become an important criterion in the spam assessment for email clients deliverability.

A custom tracking domain, together with proper Domain, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication, ensure your emails a complete with label setup optimized for delivery helping them reach the subscriber’s inbox rather than the spam folder.

Using your own custom tracking domain also allows you to build your own sending reputation while using the default one provided can have sometimes negative effects as it is a combination of the sending habits of the other senders at Pepo Campaigns that do not embrace the whitelisting of link-tracking.

If you have not done it yet, setting up your custom tracking domain is very simple. Simply open the DNS record file received at the Pepo Campaigns account activation moment and add to the DNS provider the CNAME records with “email.yoursendingdomain.com”.

Updated on May 5, 2017

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