Please consult this FAQ section to find answer to the most common question clients have on the platform.

What is Pepo Campaigns

Pepo Campaigns is the most powerful email platform that allows you to connect your Amazon SES account and run your email marketing. There are two solutions available based on needs. Amazon SES Connect directly integrates your Amazon AWS account and the Standard Plans for which we take care of everything and no AWS account is required from your side.

[ht_toggle title="Is there a Free plan?" id="" class="" style="" ]Yes, for both solution there is a free plan available. Under the free plan you can send 10,000 emails free every month with a limit of 2,000 max per day. In the case of Amazon SES Connect plans, any extra cost from Amazon AWS is not included and in the case of the Standard Plans you will be able to stro at max 10 custom variables for your recipients.

[ht_toggle title="How is the price set?" id="" class="" style="" ]In the pricing section you can have a look at our plans for the two solution we provide. Amazon SES Connect has a $9 monthly fixed fee plus a $0.1 per thousand email sent. The other connected costs of your Amazon AWS account are not included. The Standard Plans are packages based on email sending volume that includes all costs. You can see our pricing calculators to see how mush you will be saving with us.

Is it easy to set up?

Yes, usually with an existing AWS Account you can be up and running in around 10 minutes.

Is it reliable?

We use Amazon SES (Simple Email Server) to send your emails. SES is built by Amazon on the most reliable and scalable infrastructure. This gives your emails fantastic inbox delivery rates and the best chance of being read. We also require Domain keys Identified mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF), which helps increase the deliverability.

Do I need my own server?

No, Pepo Campaigns is fully hosted on Amazon Web Services servers. There is no need to setup your own sending server or taking care of product updates.

What are attributes?

The Attributes are custom variables e.g. language, phone, city, name. In Standard Plans the free plans as 10 attributes available. All other plans and account solution offer instead a default of 100 attributes that are usually sufficient to most of the businesses.

How does the Amazon AWS integration work for Amazon SES Connects accounts?

When you integrate your Amazon AWS account to Pepo Campaigns, different connections are set up. First, your domain is added to the SES service in Ireland region. We rely on Ireland region only as in this way we can provide the highest available data protection and data security standards. Then SNS and SQS records and subscription are created. These allows to properly fetch the feedback data and maintain your account automated for what concerns complaints, bounces and unsubscribers. At last a connection with DynamoDB is created in order to allow segmentation, email content personalization and the storing of custom attributes.

What will be my Amazon AWS costs for Amazon SES Connects accounts?

Our Amazon SES Connect solution is the most flexible one you can find on the market. It is based on your effective sending volume and not on packages or amount of subscribers. Your Amazon costs are also completely under control from your side. SES, SNS, SQS, DynamoDB will charge you only based on your usage, as per Amazon AWS pricing.

Does Amazon impose any sending limits?

Yes, Amazon has sending limits as a daily quota and a maximum send rate. You will need to file your own requests from your Amazon Account for the Amazon SES Connect solution. The platform is updating the available thresholds around every three hours.

Do you provide lists of email addresses to send to?

No, we do not provide or sell any lists of contacts. You need to bring your own email lists containing only recipients who have agreed to receive emails from you. We do not allow sending unsolicited bulk emails. For our spam policy, please check the Legal section.

[ht_toggle title="What payment types do you accept?" id="" class="" style="" ]We currently only accept payments through credit cards.

How do I see my invoices?

We will send you an email notification for every new invoice once it is available.



Updated on February 27, 2017

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