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Get Started with the Zapier/PepoCampaigns Integration

We have recently launched our integration with Zapier, which us currently in beta phase. Zapier is the easiest way to connect Pepo Campaigns with hundreds of web services. Thanks to Zapier, Pepo Campaigns can now quickly integrate with services like Salesforce, Gmail, Zoho, Paypal, and more. All of these integrations require little technical knowledge, with no code to be written or API to be setup.

You are now able to import all your new Salesforce contacts straight into Pepo Campaigns. Or add to Pepo Campaigns all those who have contacted you via your websites Gmail account. All these things are possible, plus more with this new integration.

Once clicked on the link, accept the invite in order to be able to use the Zap.

Do you need some help to get started? Here below we have outlined a simple example of what’s possible, with Pepo Campaigns and Gmail when using Zapier. In this example, we’ll be adding inquiries from our website, to our mailing list.

Getting started
First, you need to create a Zapier account if you still do not have one. There are various plans available including a great free plan to start.

As you log in to your account simply click on “Make a Zap”. Zaps are the automated links between your accounts.

Setting up the trigger
Zaps are made up of triggers, and actions. Triggers are you retrieving the data, such as a contact from Gmail, and actions is what you are doing with the data, such as adding it to a subscriber list within Pepo Campaigns.
zapier step 1

Once into the Zap creation, you’ll want to select Gmail as the trigger. This can be done using the search field.

zapier step 2

There are various ways that Zapier can retrieve data from Gmail. For this test, we are searching for specific emails, from which we will add the email address to a list.

The next step will see you connect your Gmail account. There will be some authentication steps, as Zapier will need to safely access your Gmail account.

zapier step 3

After the account is authenticated, you will choose the emails you want to be included in this piece of automation. In this case, we look for a specific subject line “Contact Us -”.

You’ll need to test the trigger before continuing onto your next step, so it’s worth ensuring that you already have an email matching the search parameters already in your Gmail account.

Setting up the action
After testing the trigger, you’ll be able to move forward to decide what you want to do with this data. This is called the ‘Action’.

zapier step 4

At this stage, you’ll need to search for the Pepo Campaigns app, just like you did with Gmail. You’ll have to have already opted into the Beta to find it. The link to opt-in is here.

zapier step 5

After selecting Pepo Campaigns, you will be asked to choose between different action you want to perform. Right now there are several available:

  • Add Contact to a List
  • Update Contact in a List
  • Update Contact Status
  • Remove a Contact from a List
  • Send a Transactional Email

In this specific case, we are choosing “Add a Contact to a List”.

After selecting the desired action, you’ll be asked to link it to your Pepo Campaigns account. This is done by copying and pasting your API key and secret key. Your API keys can be generated here: https://pepocampaigns.com/settings/api-keys/

zapier step 6

After adding your API key, and authenticating your account. You’ll move onto the action stage, where you decide what to do with the data retrieved from Gmail for the specific Action chosen.

In the first step, you’ll need to choose which Pepo Campaigns list you wish to add the subscribers to. You can use the list ID show in the URL in your Pepo Campaigns account.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 5.15.42 PM

You’ll then need to choose which Gmail field the email address will come from. You can also make use of the Gmail senders name, to populate the Pepo Campaigns first name. Or any other Custom Attribute you have in your Pepo Campaigns Account. This is great for personalizing future campaigns.

zapier step 7

With all the above completed, the Zap is created and you’ve taken the first step to automating your marketing. You’ll need to test the Zap before it’s published.

Click Here & Set up your Zap Now!

Please let us know at support@pepocampaigns.com if you have any questions.

Updated on March 15, 2017

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