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Notification Center

Notification centre and Global Search view

When inside Pepo Campaigns platform the Notification Setting can be accessed from the top right of the Top Navigation by clicking on the Bell icon. Notifications represent the latest activity in your Pepo Campaigns account.

A notification will be received when important event are taking place on the platform in order to keep track of them:

  1. contacts are being exported,
  2. a list is updated with new contacts,
  3. a segment is ready for preview,
  4. a contacts upload contains some errors,
  5. unsubscribe and blacklist bulk upload are completed,
  6. a campaign is sent,
  7. an A/B Test manual winner needs to be selected

Some notifications are just shown in the notification center while the critical once are also notified via email. Notifications will take you to the related subject of the action, enabling to quickly correct errors and take action.

From the rapid view is possible to click on View All and access the Extended Notification Center that contains all the history of your notifications.

While inside Pepo Campaigns platform you can access the Global Search from the top right of the Top Navigation by clicking on the Search Lens icon.

  1. Click on the search icon to activate the Global Search flydown
  2. Select list or contact depending on your search.
  3. Enter the name of the list or the contact in the adjacent box. Hit enter.
  4. Select the desired result to access the contact profile or the list.
Updated on November 23, 2016

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