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Settings Sections

Accessing settings section from automation tab

Profile Settings

While inside Pepo Campaigns platform you can access Settings from the top right of the Top Navigation. In the Profile section it is possible to:

  1. Visualize the email address associated with the account
  2. Update the details related to the First and Last Name
  3. Update the Password
  4. Update the Email Notification Preference on Campaigns, Reports and Features Release/Offers

Account Settings

While inside Pepo Campaigns platform you can access Settings from the top right of the Top Navigation. In the Account section it is possible to:

  1. Update the Company Name.
  2. Update the Account Name, if it needs to differ from the Company name because of the presence of multiple accounts.
  3. Update the phone number associate with you company
  4. Update the Website URL associated with the domain used for sending.
  5. Update the information related to the Company Address.
  6. Update the Time Zone associated with the account. Setting the correct Time Zone is important in order to set the platform time for correct campaigns scheduling and data management.
  7. Update Industry Details about the Company. Adding this information on the business in the future will help to aggregate data and enable performance comparison against the benchmark.

Domain Settings

While inside Pepo Campaigns platform you can access Settings from the top right of the Top Navigation. In the Domain section it is possible to submit your domain information and receive via email the authentication records to be added to your DNS provider.

In the DNS section of the knowledge base are provided extensive explanation on the use of DNS records together with reference to different DNS Providers documentation and video tutorials.

Once a domain is submitted it can be edited until it is verified from the contact. In case a domain needs to be edited after verification, please directly contact support@pepocampaigns.com .

It is currently possible to associate only one domain for each account. In order to use different domains, different accounts shall be created,

The Domain section also hosts the Sender Email List, that is the list of email addresses, associated with the verified domain, that can be used as a Sender Email in order to set Email Campaigns, Automation, Transactional.

New email addresses can be added or deleted from this section, or alternatively, they will be directly added once they are added in the Email Campaigns, Automation, Transactional creation, when the domain association is respected.

User Authorisation

For security purposes, Pepo Campaigns has set parameters for configuration of password/phrases.

We require that your passwords/passphrases meet the following rules:

  1. A minimum password length should be of at least seven characters. It should contain both numeric and alphabetic characters .The passwords/phrases must have complexity and strength at least equivalent to the parameters specified above.We have a password strength meter which guides you to ensure the same.
  2. User should change their passwords/passphrases at least once every 90 days.
  3. When changing the password/phrase the user should submit a new password/phrase that is different from any of the last four passwords/phrases he or she has used.
  4. We allow only 6 attempts to log in to your account before we’ll lock your account for 30 minutes. If urgent, you can also contact us to enable the user ID when locked out.
  5. If a session has been idle for more than 30 minutes on the billing page, users are required to re-authenticate or re-enter the password to re-activate the terminal or session.
Updated on February 3, 2017

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