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Time Zone Delivery

What is Time Zone Delivery

When scheduling campaigns you can choose to have Pepo Campaigns deliver the messages all at once at a designated time, or stagger the delivery to reach each user in his or her local timezone.

Time Zone Delivery enables you to customize your campaign notifications according to your subscribers’ time zones.

For Eg: If you schedule a campaign for 10 am CET all subscribers with timezone information will receive your campaign at 10 am as per their time zone. Just check the advanced option to “Deliver in the User’s timezone” and Pepo Campaigns will stagger the delivery of this campaign to reach users at the desired time.

This “ideal” time to send a campaign varies company to company and will depend on your audience, industry, and what you want your subscriber to do.

Getting started with Time Zone Delivery!

Time Zone Delivery  is available for Regular Campaigns and A/B Test Campaigns.

To start sending in each of your subscribers unique time zones, simply create your next campaign as you usually would. When prompted to select your send time, select  ‘DELIVERY BY TIME ZONE‘ ADD ON TO ENABLE THIS FEATURE” Choose your preferred time, and you’re all set.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 1.25.42 PM

How does Time Zone Delivery work

This is a paid feature and you can enable it by selecting it from the billing section.

When you select the add-on from billing section a Timezone attribute is created for your lists in the account. You can add the value for this attribute either through updating lists manually , csv upload or API.

The value of a manually uploaded Timezone can be overridden depending on the IP address of the user when he opens or clicks.

Once a week we run a process which recognizes subscribers’ time zones by their IP addresses. The IP address and the appropriate time zone is fixed at the moment of subscriber interaction i.e when they double opt in or open / click your newsletter. This is when the data is automatically populated and updated for your users.

Our algorithm is based on the IP addresses given to your subscribers by their ISPs. A subscriber may be using an ISP located several cities (or states) away from where they actually live. But even if their ISP is in another city, it’s likely to still be in the same timezone as the subscriber.

So if you manually imported your entire list, there’s no double opt-in activity there, hence no geodata. Then, let’s say you send your first campaign to that list and get a 50% open rate. Now, 50% of your list has geodata. The other 50% will be defaulted to receive emails based on default timezone (as it was before).

Pepo Campaign actually keeps track of each recipient’s geolocation, so we know if they’ve moved and live in a new timezone.

The algorithm gives preference in the following order for timezone determination

  1. User Click information
  2. User Open Information
  3. User Unsubscribe information
  4. User Resubscribe Information

So for example, if a user opens an email in a timezone which different from the time zone in which he clicked on a link in the email, then the timezone will be determined by the click timezone.

If you decide to disable this attribute, please note that this attribute can not be deleted.


It’s easy to upgrade directly from the billing section. This add on is priced at $9 per 100K users monthly.

See the billing section for more details.    


Updated on September 27, 2017